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Torque Wrenches

Published by Mark Link
Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do You own a “Click Type” torque wrench? If you don’t, you should! Why? You might think a really tight wheel lug is good. WRONG. Besides the potential of distorting the rotor or wheel, over tightening will cause the wheel stud to stretch. The problem with a stretched stud is that they can break.

Torque wrenches cost from $25 to over $3000 (Grainger, Matco, Sears, Snap On). Grainger, Inc. torque wrenches 10 – 100 Ft pound or 40 -150 Ft pound run $63.35. A protective case for the wrench is about 7 or 8 dollars.  That is worth the added investment.

Optimum torque range: Most cars call for torque values in the 75 to 95 foot pound range. The closer the value to your intended need the more accurate the wrench will be.

Therefore here are some tips:


2. Always use a click type torque wrench if possible.

3. Don’t use a 90 to 250 foot pound range tool if a 50 to 150 Ft Lb wrench is
available. (A center range closest to the value you need is most accurate)

4. Don’t be in a hurry when you torque Lugs.

5. Snug lugs up finger tight and then torque to required value.

6. STOP! When wrench “clicks”! An extra little jerk or extra inch of travel and you might as well not use a torque wrench.

7. Always back off torque setting to the lowest value after you have tightened all the lugs. If the torque wrench is left in a high range it will eventually give a false reading.

8. Put the torque wrench away in it’s case. Don’t throw it in your tool box. Treat it like the fragile tool it really is.

9. By the way, don’t trust “torque Sticks” either. torque wrench

Some Torque Values for Lug Nuts/Lug  Bolts:

Audi                     80 Ft Lbs
BMW                    79 Ft Lbs  + – 7 Ft Lbs
Dodge Magnum      100 Ft Lbs
Dodge Trucks        Varies by year and model
Ford Cars             100 Ft Lbs (Crown Vic)
Ford Trucks          140 Ft Lbs (All F-Series)
Jeep                    95 Ft Lbs (Grand Cherokee)
Porsche Cayanne   118 Ft Lbs
Porsche Cars         96 Ft Lbs
Subaru                 68 Ft Lbs (all cars)

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