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How Often Should You Flush Your Brake Fluid?

Published by Mark Link
Friday, April 29, 2011

Industry standard suggests every 2 years.

Personally I like mine flushed once a year. Yeah, it’s a pain in the butt, but let’s put safety first! If you race or autocross your Vehicle I would bleed the system before each track outing.

The fluid in your brake reservoir should be the color of apple juice. The darker it gets the more moisture it has in it. The more moisture the lower the boiling point. In fact, fluid with a 3% moisture content drops the brake fluid boiling point by as much as 170 degrees F. The lower the boiling point the greater the possibility of creating bubbles in the caliper when things get hot. Fluid will not compress, bubbles will compress which may give you a mushy brake pedal or even one that will go right to the floor.

That means NO BRAKES!

Our Tech tip #1! Pick a date, like your birthday, graduation date, or whatever and flush your brake fluid on that day every year. If you race, bleed your brake system before every track event.

Our Tech Tip #2! Alternate a different color brake fluid each time you flush the system, then you know that you have all the old fluid out of the system.

Our Tech Tip #3! Try using one of the pressure brake flushing and bleeding systems on the market. We have used both the Speedi Bleed system and the Motive units. Both can completely flush your brake system in 30 minutes and that’s with just one person. Click on the above links for more information.

If you are having any brake system concern’s please call to speak to one of our brake specialists. We can be reached at 888-323-8456.


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