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Team Biohazard takes 1st place at Mosport!

Published by Mark Link
Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Race #1:               1st overall, 1st in class.

Race #2:               3rd overall, 1st in class


What was first and foremost on my mind as Rick and I drove through the gates to our personal favorite track, was that it s been two long years since we d been here with our Bio race car and how that outing had ended in heartbreak for us when our engine gave out, barely 4 laps into the race.


We obviously want to do well and win wherever we race, but Mosport is hallowed ground to us. I ve personally been coming here since I was a kid, for F1, Can-Am, etc. It s a truly special,  epic  track, and was finally back on the Chump calendar!


Troy and Kevin had already towed in with our  Bio  car, looking absolutely menacing in its gorgeous new green livery. As usual, our pit setup was rather  minimalist  compared to most of the teams these days. A quick glance around the paddock had me musing how the level of competition was far more serious than during our first visit here and that there were some seriously fast teams competing now. We would have to be spot-on with our reliability, driving, pit stops and strategy.


As always, Troy makes sure the Bio car is painstakingly prepared so there really wasn t anything to do, except chat a bit with other teams and then go for dinner.


Race 1, Saturday, 9AM-4PM:

Beautiful sunny weather! As usual, Kevin took the green and wasted no time at all in learning the track. He promptly moved into 1st place and set FTD for the day. Not unusual for the lad, but remarkable nonetheless, considering he d never driven Mosport before! A great call by Troy had us pitting under a late FCY so this gave us over 1-1/2laps on the rest of the field who had all pitted under green, including our arch-rivals, who would be chasing us all day.


Kevin strapped me in, and I was just trying to maintain our lead, but our nemesis was doing everything he could to try and get a lap back, and I observed him trying to make some rather brave moves. At first I was a bit reluctant and didn t let him go by, but then decided it was kinda silly with the race only half over anyway. Moreover, that it was smarter to just drive a safe pace as well as to potentially extend my fuel window as long as possible and hope for another caution instead. So, I let him by and then followed him instead and let him lead the way, albeit still a lap down.


Well, this strategy worked out perfectly, because I was still 1 lap ahead when they pitted and I had conserved enough fuel to have been able to wait for a caution just moments before my stint would have exceeded the 2hr limit! Fortunately, two cars had just come together going down the hill from

T4 into Moss corner (T5) and were parked in the grass before T5a. I radioed Troy and told him I was staying out a bit longer because I wasn t sure the two cars could get going again and perhaps it would cause another FCY.


As chance will have it, when I did come around the following lap, the two cars had already driven off, however just as my hopes were about to be dashed for that elusive FCY, I noticed that they had scooped up a lot of dirt into the brake zone of T5a. I just knew the corner workers would have to clean it up, this being the heaviest brake zone. Sure enough, my wish was answered and I pitted under a FCY the very next lap, with just minutes left before the mandatory 2hr driver change. Perfect!


Thus, the fortuitous timing of my stop had given us two full laps on the field when Rick got belted in for his stint. During the driver-change/fuel stop however, the entire race was red flagged for the cleanup. Consequently, Rick got held for 10 or so minutes before being able to leave the pits, albeit still in 1st with a 2 lap lead.


Meanwhile, our nemesis had the bit between their teeth however, and their driver was doing their utmost to try and run us down. They were turning stellar laps, but once again, their  sprint  race type strategy forced them to pit under green. Rick had driven a very clean, fast stint and pretty much maintained the gap we had when he pitted and handed over to Troy for the final hour or so. And this is the point where the real drama started!


Like Kevin, these were Troy s first ever laps on this challenging circuit, and with barely over an hour to go and almost 2 laps lead, our hopes were high. He was learning fast, but our arch-rival was about 6sec/lap faster and very soon they were only about 45sec back and closing.

We did our math and decided that we would still be ahead at the end.


However, despite Troy learning very fast and picking up his pace even more, it wasn t long before they were just 30sec back   and then there was another FCY.  We were praying that the pace truck wouldn t pick up the leader (us!) and fortunately they didn t. Actually, the way it had played out, our nemesis ended up about 8 cars ahead of us, on the same lap! So, we were reassured that whatever inroads they had made, were lost and with just 35 or so minutes to go, they were now almost a full lap back again!

Unfortunately, our relief was very short lived.


With 20 minutes remaining Troy radioed frantically that he lost drive and thinks an axle had broken. But he then determined that the loud noises he d heard, and loss of drive, was actually 4th gear having broken! Remarkably, despite being crippled with only 3rd and 5th gears available, we were only about 5 sec/lap slower than before a testament to how well Troy was doing and learning the track.


Our newly expanded lead was now eroding even more rapidly than before. We were glued to Race Monitor, watching lap times, gap and the clock, calculating that with time remaining and a 1 minute lead, we would still prevail  Then, just as it occurred to me, how broken pieces circulating in the gearbox could be harmful   as if on cue, with barely 5 min to the checker, Troy radioed frantically that he had lost 3rd gear too and only had 5th gear! Yikes!


At this point, we were circulating about 10 sec/lap slower and Troy was having great difficulty maintaining his momentum - especially lugging slowly out of T5 and accelerating up the back straight, and out of T10 onto the front straight. Meanwhile, our nemesis had now closed up enough that Troy actually saw their car coming down the hill from T4 into Moss Corner while he was slowly plodding up the Mario Andretti back-straight, building speed at what must surely have seemed like a snail s pace to him.


They surely tasted blood and were driving the wheels off their car, while we were overcome with emotion, coaxing Troy to keep it up - until finally, on the next lap, the white flag was finally thrown. At this point, everything possible had already been done and we honestly didn t know which car would come around the final corner, T10, to take the checker.


This was truly a  let the chips fall where they may  scenario at this point and that final lap seemed to take an eternity, but somehow Troy had prevailed and trundled across the line in 5th gear, barely 2 sec ahead of our nemesis!


While Troy had been busy driving his heart out, the rest of us had been riding an emotional roller coaster, helpless, with our hearts pounding for

30 minutes. We had experienced the whole gamut of emotion - everything from elation, to desperation, to disbelief, to despair and back to elation again!

After 7 hours of hard racing, in the face of such adversity, we won!


I cannot describe the exhilaration of this win, at this particular track, under such circumstances, with such good friends! We were  First Overall , as well as  First in Class !



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