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Frozen Rotors Slotted

Frozen Rotors has been slotting brake rotors for our customers for the last ten years. We have never advertised this optional upgrade on our website but we are now proud to say this performance enhancement will be availible on most of our long lasting Frozen RotorĀ® brand of brake rotors.

Our slotting is performed on a CNC machining center for precise accuracy and balance. We slot our rotors to the discard depth of the brake rotor so when the slots are no longer visible you will know that the brake rotor needs replacing. Frozen Rotors® - Slotted brake rotors provide your vehicle with better brakes by reducing brake fade when brake pad gasses build up on the rotor surface. They will give you better stopping power in wet weather by providing a channel for water to escape. Slotted brake rotors keep the brake pads clean which gives you improved brake bite.

Why would you need a slotted brake rotor? Slotted brake rotors are recommended for performance cars and trucks. If you drive a Truck or SUV and pull trailers or use your vehicle to haul heavy loads slotted rotors give you that extra confidence and braking power to stop your vehicle. Our racing customers have been using this service for years!

NEW! Frozen Rotors® - Slotted

  • Provides improved braking “bite”
  • Cleans and refreshes the pad surface
  • Prevents gases from collecting between the pad and rotor interface
  • Better wet weather braking
  • Enhanced aesthetic appearance

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