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John Kawasaki

Permium Brake Pads/Brake Rotors

BMW E30 M3 D-Modified #518,

Bullet Performance Costa Mesa, California.

“I first tried them back in 1999 for a street car, which as time progressed turned into a Race Car. Everything on the vehicle had been changed except the brake rotors. Today, one set of the Frozen Rotors has survived 2 years of stop and go traffic, 13 driving schools, 6 club race weekends, and 3 enduro races, not to mention numerous testing days. While other competitors have changed rotors on a regular basis, due to warping and cracking, I have never thought about my rotors for 3 years and over 20 brake pad changes. Frozen Rotors is a product which gives me an “unfair advantage”. We have compared rotor temperatures with cars built similarly to mine, and the difference has been between 75 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit! Because of my experience with them on a race car, I have now replaced all the rotors on all of my cars, and will ONLY use Frozen Rotors. They have saved me money, effort, time, and most importantly, piece of mind. While I do not want my competitors to find out about them, I feel this is a product which gives more then a performance gain; it also increases safety on and off track. I am more then merely satisfied; I am in awe of the product.”

Mike Peters

Permium Brake Pads/Brake Rotors

Champion Porsche-Audi,

Pompano Beach, Fla.

"The first time I used the cryogenic process was at the Moroso 24-Hour Race. In the past, we always had to change brake pads every 3-4 hours. With the cryogenically-treated rotors, we got 7-8 hours of use, and we probably could have gotten more. As the pads wear out, the pedal ‘sinks,’ and the response isn’t as good. Without cryogenic treatment, the pedal would start to go soft by the end of the race. So while the advantages are significant in a long-distance race, the cryogenic process still gives you a definite edge for a short race. I strongly recommend the process to others, though not necessarily to my competitors, because it offers a definite advantage. I would not race without cryo rotors."

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